Sexy Eye Makeup

sexy eye makeup

The eyes are the window to the soul! You can say more with your eyes without ever having to open up your mouth. Sexy eye makeup can get you noticed for the right reasons and instantly make anyone more attractive. The “smoky eye” has not lost any of its punch.

The key to get the sexy eye makeup look that you desire is to experiment. Using the tips below you can experiment with different techniques and colors to get the perfect look.

Brown Eyed Girls

Brown eyes can be super sexy if you know how to play them up to their full potential. Browned eyed girls can get that hot smokey look by using colors in the lavender palette, brown palette or green palettes. Lavenders are best to really make your eyes pop.

Use three different shades within the three palettes to get your smoky sexy eye makeup look. Use the lightest shade up on your brow, and go a bit darker on the eye lid and finally use the darkest shade in the crease of the eye. You can use some of the darkest shade to line the lower lashes as well, the thicker the line the smokier the results.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyed girls can use blue color palettes or even lavender to get their smokey eye. If you really want your eyes to pop use a shade or two darker than your natural eye color this will really bring out the blue in your eyes. Follow the same advice that the brown eyed girls were given. Lightest shade of the color palette up on the brow, followed by a full sweep of a bit darker on the eye lid and finish it all off with the darkest shade in the crease of the eye. Don’t forget to add some shadow to the lower lid under the lashes!

Green/Hazel Eyes

Green eyes or Hazel eyes are compatible with any color palette! Following the light, darker, darkest advice will really make your eyes pop!

Eye Liner

Your eye makeup arsenal should include eyeliner (you can never go wrong with black) which you should use on both your upper inner lid and your lower inner lid. Eyeliner can be used for sexy cat eyes by dragging the liner across the top of the lid right above the lashes and sweeping it up and out.

Mascara or Falsies

Your eyelashes are a flirting tool. Feeling a little extra sexy get out the false eyelashes and they will add to the overall glamour of your sexy eye makeup! No woman should leave home without mascara (at the least) on your eyes. Long full eyelashes are full of sex appeal.