Eyeshadow Stickers Rock

eyeshadow stickersTips on Wearing Bold Colored Eyeshadow Stickers

So it is springtime and you want to wear bold colored eyeshadow stickers but you are not sure how to get started. Here are a few tips that will help you out. It is a good idea that you blend two different bright colored eyeshadow stickers because if you use only one bright colored eyeshadow on your lids, you may look clownish. For example, you can use turquoise and light yellow together if you are wearing a floral outfit. At the same time, you should not match the eyeshadow stickers completely with the outfit you wear. Continue reading

Best Powder for Oily Skin

best powder for oily skinMAC Mineralize Powder

This powder works well for oily skin because when you apply the powder to your face, it gives your face a smooth look without making your face appear too oily or looking too dry. When you buy this powder there is a chance that you can get a breakout but this only happened to a small number of people who used the MAC Mineralize Powder.

 Maybelline Dream Matte Powder

This powder is oil free and it comes in diverse beautiful shades that can match most skin tones. If you wear primer and liquid foundation, you can apply the Maybelline Dream Matte to your face to create a smooth and even look. Continue reading

Face Mask for Oily Skin

face mask for oily skin

Yogurt and Strawberry Mask

Strawberries and yogurt are not just for eating but this combination also works for relieving oily skin because strawberries contain salicylic acid and this acid works well in treating acne that is caused by excess oil production in the skin. Yogurt has strong moisturizing qualities and it reduces aging signs. If you want to lighten the brown spots on the face you can add lemon juice to your facial mask. Continue reading

Best Curling Mascara

best curling mascaraIf you are looking for curled eyelashes but without having to use an eyelash curler, you should use the curling mascara, as it gives you the desired curl in your lashes quickly. The good mascara can even work well with Asian lashes which are naturally stubborn and can easily lose their curl after some time. That product helps stubborn Asian lashes to always stay volumized and curled long after being applied. If you are looking for the right product, you should consider one of the ones briefly described below. Continue reading

Best Foundation for Acne Prone Skin

best foundation for acne prone skinSearching for the best foundation for oily and acne prone skin can be a challenge. I have always insisted that women find products that are oil free and will not cause unwanted breakouts. Women who have oily skin find it difficult to wear makeup. By the end of the day it seems to just melt off and you skin looks shiny and greasy. Also women with oily skin are prone to pimples on the forehead, nose and chin. When looking for makeup products I always suggest to buy products that are long lasting, non-pore clogging and provide good coverage. Continue reading

Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

makeup-tips-for-oily-skinIf you have oily skin then you know how hard it is to get makeup to stay put. It’s almost impossible but I have some makeup tips for oily skin to share with you.

Use a Primer For Your Oily Skin

Use a makeup primer on your forehead, nose and chin. These are your problem areas and have the most oil. This will help  your makeup stay on. Make sure to use an oil free and anti shine primer and also clean your face prior to adding your primer. Make sure you use a primer for your eyes that is specifically designed for eyelids. This will create a nice base for eye shadow and liner and will also absorb the oils throughout the day. Continue reading

Home Remedies for Razor Bumps

home remedies for razor bumpsUnsightly razor bumps are a skin irritation caused by shaving that can lead to infection and cause you pain. Razor bumps can be especially irritating in the bikini area because the skin is so sensitive.  In this article we will talk about home remedies for razor bumps, from treating razor bumps to preventing them from happening in the first place. Let’s face it you don’t want to show off those bumps when you go to the beach or hang out by the pool do you? Continue reading

How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow

how-to-apply-cream-eyeshadowThe first thing you should do is consider the shape of your eyes since they have a lot to do with how you apply the cream eyeshadow. If you have deep-shaped eyes you would not put heavy amounts of the cream eyeshadow on the lids and your best bet is to apply light colored eyeshadow cream to the lids. As for the colors, the possibilities are endless and there are not many set rules you need to follow when select the right color. If you wearing the eyeshadow cream for everyday wear, stick to neutral tones but you can sport bolder colors for going out at night. When putting on the eyeshadow cream, a brush would work the best. Continue reading

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

makeup-tips-for-hazel-eyesIf you have hazel eyes then you know they can change color depending on your mood or even the clothes you are wearing. They are like natural mood rings. That is what is so great about hazel eyes. One thing though is that the eye color does not go well with the same pallets that blue eyes use. That is why we are gonna show you some makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Eye Shadow

When applying eye makeup to hazel eyes you want to go with autumn colors like golds, browns and chocolates. These shades of colors will brighten your eyes and make them pop. You can also add burgundy and other shades of purple to your eyeshadow pallet to contrast  your hazel eyes. If you want to spice up your eyes you can use bright greens and golds.

Continue reading

Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural-makeup-for-brown-eyesIf you have brown eyes, you do not have to resort to using heavy loads of makeup for your eyes that make you look clownish. You can wear natural eye makeup that puts the focus on your eyes rather than the makeup itself. Here are some ideas on how to pull off natural eye makeup for brown eyes.

 Your Eyeshadow Colors

The key to wearing natural eye makeup is looking minimalist yet beautiful at the same time. You should choose natural eyeshadow colors such as copper, bronze or a light beige to give you a natural look. If you have light brown eyes, you would choose a dark colored eyeshadow but if you have dark brown eyes, a light colored eyeshadow works best. Before applying the eyeshadow you want to put eyeshadow primer to secure the eyeshadow on your lids. Stay away from the dramatic eyeshadow colors. Continue reading