Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural-makeup-for-brown-eyesIf you have brown eyes, you do not have to resort to using heavy loads of makeup for your eyes that make you look clownish. You can wear natural eye makeup that puts the focus on your eyes rather than the makeup itself. Here are some ideas on how to pull off natural eye makeup for brown eyes.

 Your Eyeshadow Colors

The key to wearing natural eye makeup is looking minimalist yet beautiful at the same time. You should choose natural eyeshadow colors such as copper, bronze or a light beige to give you a natural look. If you have light brown eyes, you would choose a dark colored eyeshadow but if you have dark brown eyes, a light colored eyeshadow works best. Before applying the eyeshadow you want to put eyeshadow primer to secure the eyeshadow on your lids. Stay away from the dramatic eyeshadow colors.

 Eyeshadow Application Tips

The way your eyes are shaped determine how you would apply your eyeshadow. If you have bigger eyes you would put a light colored eyeshadow on the top lid and a darker colored eyeshadow to the bottom part of the lid. If you have smaller eyes, you can put the light colored eyeshadow on the inner section of the eyelids and dark colored shadow on the outside part.

 About Eyeliner

If you have brown eyes, you want to apply eyeliner in such a way where your eyes look natural and not very dramatic unless it is a festive occasion. Navy blue eyeliner brings out your brown eyes in a natural way and if you want to make your small brown eyes look bigger, you can sport a light colored eyeliner.


Having brown eyes allow you to do your eye makeup in a variety of ways but the best way to show off your eyes is with natural makeup. Make sure the eye makeup suits your skin tone as well as your eye color and also do not put too much of the makeup on your eyes because you want a subtle look. When you look natural with your makeup, you will look fabulous and the rest of the face will be attractive. If you have a skin disorder or very oily or dry skin, choose eye makeup that best suits your needs. Finally, you want to remove all makeup from the eyes to avoid oil buildup in the skin.