Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

makeup-tips-for-hazel-eyesIf you have hazel eyes then you know they can change color depending on your mood or even the clothes you are wearing. They are like natural mood rings. That is what is so great about hazel eyes. One thing though is that the eye color does not go well with the same pallets that blue eyes use. That is why we are gonna show you some makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Eye Shadow

When applying eye makeup to hazel eyes you want to go with autumn colors like golds, browns and chocolates. These shades of colors will brighten your eyes and make them pop. You can also add burgundy and other shades of purple to your eyeshadow pallet to contrast  your hazel eyes. If you want to spice up your eyes you can use bright greens and golds.


Black eyeliner is your basic no-brainier, playing it safe eyeliner for hazel eyes but you can also use green, brown and gold to bring out those colors in your eyes. Green eyeliner will bring out the beautiful green tones in your eyes and make for a more playful eye. Contrast the green with dark browns or purples.

Hazel eyes have beautiful specks of gold and yellow. You can bring those colors out with eyeliners that have glitter or shimmery effects like bronze or copper eyeliners. When trying to bring out the brown colors in your eyes use darker or lighter shades of brown to accentuate your eyes. Stay away from browns that are close to the browns in your eyes.


You can use a brown or black mascara but if you want your hazel eyes to really pop look for a light reflecting mascara. There are also mascaras out on the market that have purple shades which will help to contrast your eyes.

Your hazel eyes can be tricky:  at times they are green and then brown then sometimes they get all golden. Applying makeup to your eyes though can be fun because you can bring out the color you want. Embrace your beautiful eyes and apply your makeup with these tips to be super sexy.