How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner

How to apply pencil eyelinerApplying pencil eyeliner can be an overwhelming task that requires balance and control but it can make you look younger and open up your eyes. Pencil eyeliner can be tricky because they tend to smear and smudge. If done right though it will make your eyes pop and will take your look to the next level. Below we will give you some tips to applying pencil eyeliner that will give your eyes that sexy look and what types of pencil eyeliner too look for.

Tips for Applying Pencil Eyeliner

When applying eyeliner with a pencil tilt your head pull the skin above the eye you are adding the eyeliner to with your non drawing hand. You can also sit at a desk or table and prop your elbow to keep your hand steady. Start applying from the outside of your eye and work your way to the inside of your eye. Also use less pigment the closer you get to your nose.

To keep the pencil eyeliner from melting or fading in the heat use a matte flesh toned eyeshadow as a base. You can blur the line with your finger or a Q-tip to soften any hard lines. If you make a mistake applying your eyeliner use a Q-tip with some foundation to erase the line. Also make sure you get color between each eyelash. This is time consuming but worth the effort. Make sure you apply the eyeliner in a thin line. If you want a thicker line you can add to it with another stroke. It is easier to add then remove. You can do one even stroke to apply the eyeliner or you can place dots and then connect them if that is easier. Pencil eyeliner is easier to apply to the bottom of your your eyelids than the top but with practice you will be able to master it.

When purchasing a pencil eyeliner look for one that is not slick or creamy. Also stay away from the pencil eyeliners that you have to sharpen best to find one that is retractable. If you do purchase a pencil eyeliner that needs to be sharpened use a lighter to burn any bacteria from the tip before applying.