How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

how to apply gel eyelinerThe first step is to get an angled eyeliner brush since it works the best for applying gel eyeliner to the lids. After you do this you would wet the brush slightly so that you will have an even application with the gel eyeliner. Once you complete this step you would place the brush in the eyeliner and take off the excess eyeliner before applying. The next step is to add the eyeliner to your upper lids and make a winged tip across the eyelids.

Test The Eyeliner Before Applying To Lids

Before you apply the eyeliner to your lids, you want to test it by putting a dab on the back of your hand and you should do this if you have a colored  gel eyeliner because this gives you an idea of how this color will look on your eyelids and to see if this color goes with your eye color.

Go Over Smudges When Applying Gel Eyeliner

When you apply the gel eyeliner, you want to get rid of the smudges from your eyelids so that they will have a neat look. You can do this with a small cloth or a cotton ball.

Getting Cat Eyes

If you want the cat eye look with gel eyeliner, you want to apply the eyeliner all around the eyelids since this gives your eyes a sexy look and this blends well with most outfits and accessories. If you are attending a costume party, cat eyes would look wonderful

Getting Smoky Eyes

To get smoky eyes, you want to apply the gel eyeliner on the inner eyelids and then you would apply strokes near the lash’s lines. Once you do this you would put some eyeshadow over the eyeliner and you should choose an eyeshadow that has a dark or bold color for a dramatic effect. Then you will slightly blend the eyeliner with the eyeshadow.


Gel eyeliner is less messy than the regular eyeliner and it gives your eyes a fabulous look. Never put too much eyeliner on your lids because this makes your eyes look scary and almost Gothic unless you want this style for a special event. Experiment with different eyeliner styles on your eyes and ask friends for suggestions. Choose gel eyeliners in different colors and every few months throw out your old ones to buy new ones.