How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow

how-to-apply-cream-eyeshadowThe first thing you should do is consider the shape of your eyes since they have a lot to do with how you apply the cream eyeshadow. If you have deep-shaped eyes you would not put heavy amounts of the cream eyeshadow on the lids and your best bet is to apply light colored eyeshadow cream to the lids. As for the colors, the possibilities are endless and there are not many set rules you need to follow when select the right color. If you wearing the eyeshadow cream for everyday wear, stick to neutral tones but you can sport bolder colors for going out at night. When putting on the eyeshadow cream, a brush would work the best.

Start With White Base

This is important when applying cream eyeshadow because the white base color provides an even look and smooth finish to the eyelids. Once you apply the white base you should go over any smudges that are on the eyelids so that your lids will look fabulous. If you prefer another color for the baae, nude or beige would be a good choice.

Fingertips Can Be Used for Application

If you do not have a small makeup brush in your makeup bag you can use your fingertip to apply the eyeshadow cream. Be sure not to put too much of it on your fingertips because this causes you to look clownish with the cream eyeshadow. You should instead apply a dab of the cream eyeshadow  on the eyelids then gently rub this into the lids.

Preventing Creases in Cream Eyeshadow

Aside from using the white eyeshadow primer, there are other ways you can keep the eyeshadow from creasing on the lids. You can put concealer on the lids before applying the cream eyeshadow and you can also apply some powder to the lids so that the eyeshadow will stay on your lids.


When you apply cream eyeshadow correctly, your eyes will look fabulous all day long. When putting on the eyeshadow cream you want to have the mirror in front of you so that you will apply the crean properly and have a person look at the lids before you leave the house.  Choose cream eyeshadow colors that complement your outfits and apply the colors in layers for a chic look. Finally, practice the application if this is your first time using cream eyeshadow.