High Pigment Eye Shadow

high pigment eye shadowHigh pigment eye shadow is a type of eye makeup that is made of loose powder and it has a bold look for your eyelids. High pigment eye shadow comes in numerous colors and just like regular eye shadow you want to choose a high pigment eye shadow that suits your skin and eye color, and that look great with your outfit overall. When you apply high pigment eye shadow you should put on primer first to create a uniform look. Here are tips for women of color who want to wear high pigment eye shadow.

Gold or Bronze High Pigment Eye Shadow

If you are a woman of color you may think you cannot sport warm tones such as gold or bronze but you do not have to stick to just cool eye shadow tones because you can wear gold or bronze high pigment eye shadow, particularly if you have brown or hazel eyes. The key is to do a blending of those colors on the eyelids. If your skin is very dark you would look better with gold or bronze high pigment eye shadow than women of color with lighter skin.

Don’t Be Afraid to Be Bold With Eye shadow Colors

Women of color should not be a wallflower when it comes to wearing high pigment eye shadow because they can wear just about any color of eye shadow as long as it does not make them look too clownish. Plum, blue, green, metallic silver, red or even yellow eye shadow are great colors for women of color who are wearing high pigment eye shadow.

How to Make Eye shadow Stay On For Hours 

Start by washing your face with a cleanser then drying your eyelids before putting on the eye shadow. As stated earlier, you want to put on eye shadow primer and once you do this you would put on a thin streak of eye shadow across your eyelids. Then apply two more streaks of the eye shadow.

High pigment eye shadow gives your eyes a dramatic look and there are so many colors to choose from. Make sure you test the eye shadow before making a purchase so that you will know if a certain color would look great on your eyelids. Read reviews of different brands of high pigment eye shadow and do not put too many layers on your eyelids because you will look clownish and the makeup will clump or fall off.