Hair Dye Ideas for Every Season

Hair Dye Ideas


For many women, the easiest way to drastically change up ones look is through the use of hair dye. There are a multitude of different ways and reasons to change up one’s hair color. Going lighter for spring or summer, or adding highlights for a special occasion are some common reasons to dye hair. Because it can be overwhelming to try and narrow down what one would like to do with their hair, here are several hair dye ideas that are fun, fashionable, and perfect for the upcoming season.

Many who have naturally dark hair like to experiment with going lighter for the summer. Depending on one’s skin tone, one should always be aware of how light they are able to go, without the color looking unnatural or washed out. For girls who have olive skin tones and naturally dark hair, adding some honey caramel highlights around the face will bring attention to one’s eyes as well as highlight the cheekbones. If one wants to do a complete dye job, take into account the natural undertones of the skin. To accurately do this, a person should use the skin color on the inside of his or her wrist, in order to accurately assess one’s true skin color. Those who have warm skin undertones (such as yellow, orange and red) should stick with hair dyes with the word “caramel” or “ash” in the name. Hair dye ideas for girls with cooler skin undertones (many girls who will have cooler skin undertones will have blue or green eyes) can go lighter (such as light blonde or strawberry blonde) for the summer, without it looking unnatural.

Hair Dye Ideas for Blondes

Those with blonde hair have the unique advantage of possessing hair which usually absorbs hair dye very well, making it easy to experiment with a variety of hair dye ideas without having to strip the natural hair color out first. A great hair dye option for blondes, is to incorporate light brown or platinum blonde highlights throughout the hair for a great contrast that is a perfect look for the summer. Many blondes are also able to go darker as well; However, it is just as important to keep in mind one’s natural skin tone when doing so. If a person has very pale skin (with ivory tones), it can be difficult to pull off a hair dye which is too dark. Those with very light skin should avoid any hair colors which are dark brown to black, especially when changing up one’s hair color for the summer.

Just as much fun as going light for the summer, experimenting with dark and bold hair dye ideas for the fall and winter can be a great way to spice up one’s holiday look. In the fall and winter, it’s great to incorporate dark brown or red highlights, either blended into one’s fringe, or in chunky, bold streaks. Darker skin colors often look best with deep red and burgundy hair colors. Lighter skin colors are best paired with cinnamon red shades. The winter is also a great time to get back in touch with one’s natural hair color. For brunettes, who may have dramatically lightened up during the summer months, utilizing a hair dye which is closer to their natural hair color is a great way to keep hair dye upkeep to a minimum during that stressful holiday season.

There are so many hair dye ideas that one can use when trying to decide on a fresh new way to style one’s hair. When in doubt, it is always a great idea to visit a hair salon or beauty supply store, as these professionals are well versed in what may look the best for one’s skin tones and hair color.