Gluten Free Mascara

gluten free mascaraWhy use gluten free makeup? Well gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and can lead to Celiac Disease which is chronic inflation of the intestines. Makeup manufactures use gluten as a binding agent. Using lipstick and mascara that has gluten in it can absorb into your body. There are cosmetic companies that only produce gluten free makeup such as Ecco Bella, Bare Minerals, and Afterglow Cosmetics.

Using gluten based mascara can be absorbed into your body when mascara flakes into your eyes so if you wanting to get away from gluten in your life choosing a gluten free mascara would be a good start. I am going to list some popular brands of gluten free mascara.

mineral fusion gluten free mascaraMineral Fusion Natural Brands Lengthening Mascara

Mineral Fusion brings us a mascara that will define and lengthen your eyelashes. Consisting of a gentle, non irritating, gluten free formula.

If you are looking for a mascara made with natural ingredients that also stays on and not to expensive then this is the mascara for you. This mascara is also gentle for those that wear contacts or have sensitive eyes.

bare minerals gluten free mascarabareMinerals Flawless Definition Mascara

bareMinerals brings us a mascara that conditions and protects our eyelashes with nourishing antioxidants and natural extracts.

This mascara is smudge-free and paraben-free and boasts flawless definition. Has a tapered wand that lengthens your lashes and makes them darker and lifts them. Has great staying power and barely flakes at all and gives you that natural looking eye.

ecco bella gluten free mascaraECCO BELLA Natural Mascara Black

This mascara is the most natural mascara you can buy. Gluten-Free, Vegan, Fragrance-Free, Paraben-Free and excellent for people who wear contacts or have sensitive eyes. Even comes with a mirror. Easy to remove and gentle. Water resistant but not waterproof.

Ecco Bella Mascara will lengthen your lashes and adds body to them while still looking very natural. If you don’t want to sacrifice volume for gluten free then this is the mascara for you.