Eyeshadow Stickers Rock

eyeshadow stickersTips on Wearing Bold Colored Eyeshadow Stickers

So it is springtime and you want to wear bold colored eyeshadow stickers but you are not sure how to get started. Here are a few tips that will help you out. It is a good idea that you blend two different bright colored eyeshadow stickers because if you use only one bright colored eyeshadow on your lids, you may look clownish. For example, you can use turquoise and light yellow together if you are wearing a floral outfit. At the same time, you should not match the eyeshadow stickers completely with the outfit you wear.

Tips on Wearing Blue Eyeshadow Sticker

Women with fair skin and dark hair are better at pulling off blue eyeshadow stickers on the lids but some beauty experts say that they should not use blue eyeshadow if they have blue eyes. However, others feel it is fine to wear blue eyeshadow if your eyes are blue as long as you sport a dark blue eyeshadow. When you apply blue eyeshadow you should blend light and dark blue eyeshadow stickers.

Metallic Gold, Silver and Brown

If you have brown eyes, you can wear metallic gold, silver or brown eyeshadow if you are going out at night. Most beauty supply stores sell metallic colored eyeshadow stickers and this is a hassle free way to look dramatic with your eyeshadow. In addition to the metallic toned eyeshadow stickers you can also wear a dark colored eyeliner or mascara for a sexier look to the eyes.

Don’t Be Afraid of Glittery Eyeshadow Stickers

Glitter is not just for wearing on the nails; you can also wear glittery bold colored eyeshadow stickers with your party outfit or costume. Purchase a pack of glittery eyeshadow stickers in diverse colors so that you will always have some on hand when you need them. Some good colors for glittery eyeshadow stickers include green, red, blue, orange and gray.


Eyeshadow stickers are an inexpensive way to look beautiful without buying the eyeshadow if you cannot afford to do so. Some brands of stickers are better than others so you want to read reviews of them before you buy the eyeshadow stickers. Sometimes you can get free samples of the stickers and this lets you experiment with different colors and styles before buying certain brands of stickers. Finally, have fun with the eyeshadow stickers.