Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

eyeshadow-colors-for-blue-eyesLooking for some different eyeshadows for your blues eyes? Well you are in luck. Here we will show you some different options you have in the eyeshadow department for your blue eyes.

Gold and Bronze Shades

These eye shadow colors look amazing with blue eyes and they bring out your eyes. If you have a cool skin tone and are olive or dark skinned with blue eyes, gold and bronze should be used for eye shadow. If you are wearing a gold or copper outfit and have blue eyes, you can sport copper eye shadow. For a toned down look, matte eye shadow is the best but if want glamor, shimmery eye shadow is better.

Dark Blue Eye shadow

Some people say you should not pair blue eye shadow with your blue eyes but you can wear dark blue eye shadow because it brings out the beauty of your blue eyes. Just don’t blend a light blue eye shadow with the dark blue eye shadow because it overpowers the eyes. Instead you can blend taupe or gray with the dark blue eye shadow.

Think About Your Skin and Hair Color

For those who are fair skinned with blue eyes, you want to stick to light colored eyeshadow but if your skin is darker, you want to sport a bolder colored eyeshadow colors such as purple, metallic silver or turquoise. If you are a blonde, light purple or lavender eyeshadow works well with your blue eyes and if you are a redhead, choose the copper-colored eyeshadow colors.


You may not think that orange does much for blue eyes but in fact this is a great eye shadow to use. Orange can be either a fall or summer color depending on the shade of orange you use. For example, if it is summer you can sport a light orange but for fall and winter you can sport a deep orange. If you want a dramatic look you can wear a shimmery orange eye shadow.


When you choose the right eyeshadow color for your blue eyes you will look fabulous and you will impress friends with your new look. Just because there are certain eye shadow colors that generally are not worn with blue eyes does not mean that you cannot wear them yourself. You want to choose an eyeshadow color that best suits your tastes but that still looks appropriate. If you still do not know how you can pair different colors with your blue eyes, you can talk with a beauty consultant because he can give advice on doing this. Finally, have fun with your eye makeup.