Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

Blue Eye Shadow

You have an advantage over those with blue eyes in the area of eye shadow because when you are looking for eye shadow for dark brown eyes, blue is an excellent choice because this adds the wow factor to the eyes and your skin tone whether you are fair or dark skinned. If you are fair skinned stick to lighter blue shades and if you are darker skinned you should go for the deeper blue colors.

eye shadow for dark brown eyesPink Eye Shadow

Pink and brown always go well together and it is no different with eye shadow for dark brown eyes. As with the blue eye shadow, fairer skinned women should wear light pink eye shadow while the darker skinned women can sport the corals, rose colored shades and the dark peach eye shadow. When you apply the eye shadow you want to put just enough on to get a beautiful look but without overpowering your look.

Gray or Silver Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

If you are all decked out in a nice costume that has bold colors, you can tone your look down slightly by wearing gray or silver eye shadow since either of these colors work well for those with dark brown eyes. This color makes your eyes pop and just a little goes a long way.

Purple For The Pizzazz

If you are a woman of color with dark brown eyes and skin, you should switch up the makeup routine and wear purple eye shadow. Generally women of color can get away with bold colored eye shadow colors and there are so many shades of purple eye shadow to choose from. Test the purple eye shadows on the eyelids before making a purchase.

Copper or Bronze 

These two colors are great for dark brown eyes because they provide a two-tone contrast to the eyes. However, it is not a good idea to wear both shades blended on the eyes because this does not make for a good look. Either of these colors should be worn for the fall and winter months but it is fine to experiment and wear them in the spring and summer.

Those with dark brown eyes would benefit from these eye shadow colors because they complement your eyes the best. When applying eye shadow you should put on a primer since it keeps your eye shadow from coming off easily or smudging. You also want to add a little shimmer for extra flair but only for nighttime or if you are attending a social event in the daytime.