Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

eye shadow for brown eyesTips on Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

One of the best colors of  eye shadow for brown eyes is blue and you can a variety of shades from turquoise to navy blue. Blue is very pigmented so it is not a good idea to put excess amounts on your eyelids. Another cool idea is to blend the blue eye shadow with green eye shadow to create a dazzling effect on the eyes. Then on top of this you can add some glitter to your eyelids.

Consider The Kind of Brown Eyes You Have

When choosing eye shadow, you should also think about the kind of brown eyes you have. Those with brown eyes with hazel undertones should choose greenish colored shades for eye shadow and those with  orange based brown eyes can wear eye shadow that have some yellowish or gold undertones. By doing this you will wear an eye shadow that best suits your brown eyes.

Purple Eye Shadow Application Tips

Purple eye shadow works well for those with brown eyes and here is how you put it on your eyelids. Start by putting on eyeshadow primer and then you want to apply a light colored purple eyeshadow to the eyelids. Once you do this you want to put on the dark colored purple eye shadow and gently blend this into the light purple eye shadow.

What If I Have an Oval Face And Brown Eyes?

If you have an oval face with brown eyes, red eye shadow works well because it emphasizes your brown eyes’ beauty and the best red eye shadow is the kind of eyeshadow that has slight orange tones to it. If you have an olive skin tone or another warm skin tone with brown eyes, red eyeshadow is a great choice. Navy eye shadow also works well for those with brown eyes.

When you use these tips to make your brown eyes look beautiful, you will get compliments and attention from others and your confidence increases. Experiment with different shades of eye shadow for brown eyes but make sure you test them on your eyelids so that you will buy eyeshadow that works best for brown eyes. If your current eyeshadow is few months old, it is time to throw it away and look for new eye shadow. Some makeup brands are better than others so it is a good idea to read reviews of them before you buy a certain brand of eye shadow.