Bright Eye Shadow

bright-eyeshadowRainbow Eye Shadow

Here is how you should apply rainbow eye shadow for your upcoming costume party. You want to start the process by applying a beige or white primer to the eyelids because this makes for a smooth look after you put on the rainbow eyeliner. It is also a good idea to blend two or more colors on the eyelids and add some glitter for the extra flair. When you apply the eyeshadow colors you want to start with a light color then go towards the darker colors on the outer lids.

Wearing Eye Makeup for Springtime

For the springtime, a nice pastel blue eyeshadow would work well for you, particularly if you have bluish or grayish toned eyes. If you are doing a two-toned eyeshadow look with the blue eyeshadow and you want to look dramatic, you want to add a little green eyeshadow to complete the look. Continue reading