Sexy Eye Makeup

sexy eye makeup

The eyes are the window to the soul! You can say more with your eyes without ever having to open up your mouth. Sexy eye makeup can get you noticed for the right reasons and instantly make anyone more attractive. The “smoky eye” has not lost any of its punch.

The key to get the sexy eye makeup look that you desire is to experiment. Using the tips below you can experiment with different techniques and colors to get the perfect look. Continue reading

Best Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

best eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Who said that finding the best eye shadow for hazel eyes had to be challenging? If anyone has ever told you this, then they’re simply not looking hard enough. Finding the best eye shadow for hazel eyes is an easy enough goal to achieve. It simply comes down to knowing what your options are.

And there are definitely a ton of appealing options out there to consider. Continue reading

Eye Shadow for Dark Brown Eyes

Blue Eye Shadow

You have an advantage over those with blue eyes in the area of eye shadow because when you are looking for eye shadow for dark brown eyes, blue is an excellent choice because this adds the wow factor to the eyes and your skin tone whether you are fair or dark skinned. If you are fair skinned stick to lighter blue shades and if you are darker skinned you should go for the deeper blue colors. Continue reading

High Pigment Eye Shadow

high pigment eye shadowHigh pigment eye shadow is a type of eye makeup that is made of loose powder and it has a bold look for your eyelids. High pigment eye shadow comes in numerous colors and just like regular eye shadow you want to choose a high pigment eye shadow that suits your skin and eye color, and that look great with your outfit overall. When you apply high pigment eye shadow you should put on primer first to create a uniform look. Here are tips for women of color who want to wear high pigment eye shadow.

Gold or Bronze High Pigment Eye Shadow

If you are a woman of color you may think you cannot sport warm tones such as gold or bronze but you do not have to stick to just cool eye shadow tones because you can wear gold or bronze high pigment eye shadow, particularly if you have brown or hazel eyes. The key is to do a blending of those colors on the eyelids. If your skin is very dark you would look better with gold or bronze high pigment eye shadow than women of color with lighter skin. Continue reading

Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

eye shadow for brown eyesTips on Eye Shadow for Brown Eyes

One of the best colors of  eye shadow for brown eyes is blue and you can a variety of shades from turquoise to navy blue. Blue is very pigmented so it is not a good idea to put excess amounts on your eyelids. Another cool idea is to blend the blue eye shadow with green eye shadow to create a dazzling effect on the eyes. Then on top of this you can add some glitter to your eyelids. Continue reading

Eyeshadow Stickers Rock

eyeshadow stickersTips on Wearing Bold Colored Eyeshadow Stickers

So it is springtime and you want to wear bold colored eyeshadow stickers but you are not sure how to get started. Here are a few tips that will help you out. It is a good idea that you blend two different bright colored eyeshadow stickers because if you use only one bright colored eyeshadow on your lids, you may look clownish. For example, you can use turquoise and light yellow together if you are wearing a floral outfit. At the same time, you should not match the eyeshadow stickers completely with the outfit you wear. Continue reading

How to Apply Cream Eyeshadow

how-to-apply-cream-eyeshadowThe first thing you should do is consider the shape of your eyes since they have a lot to do with how you apply the cream eyeshadow. If you have deep-shaped eyes you would not put heavy amounts of the cream eyeshadow on the lids and your best bet is to apply light colored eyeshadow cream to the lids. As for the colors, the possibilities are endless and there are not many set rules you need to follow when select the right color. If you wearing the eyeshadow cream for everyday wear, stick to neutral tones but you can sport bolder colors for going out at night. When putting on the eyeshadow cream, a brush would work the best. Continue reading

Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

makeup-tips-for-hazel-eyesIf you have hazel eyes then you know they can change color depending on your mood or even the clothes you are wearing. They are like natural mood rings. That is what is so great about hazel eyes. One thing though is that the eye color does not go well with the same pallets that blue eyes use. That is why we are gonna show you some makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Eye Shadow

When applying eye makeup to hazel eyes you want to go with autumn colors like golds, browns and chocolates. These shades of colors will brighten your eyes and make them pop. You can also add burgundy and other shades of purple to your eyeshadow pallet to contrast  your hazel eyes. If you want to spice up your eyes you can use bright greens and golds.

Continue reading

Natural Eye Makeup for Brown Eyes

natural-makeup-for-brown-eyesIf you have brown eyes, you do not have to resort to using heavy loads of makeup for your eyes that make you look clownish. You can wear natural eye makeup that puts the focus on your eyes rather than the makeup itself. Here are some ideas on how to pull off natural eye makeup for brown eyes.

 Your Eyeshadow Colors

The key to wearing natural eye makeup is looking minimalist yet beautiful at the same time. You should choose natural eyeshadow colors such as copper, bronze or a light beige to give you a natural look. If you have light brown eyes, you would choose a dark colored eyeshadow but if you have dark brown eyes, a light colored eyeshadow works best. Before applying the eyeshadow you want to put eyeshadow primer to secure the eyeshadow on your lids. Stay away from the dramatic eyeshadow colors. Continue reading

Eyeshadow Colors for Blue Eyes

eyeshadow-colors-for-blue-eyesLooking for some different eyeshadows for your blues eyes? Well you are in luck. Here we will show you some different options you have in the eyeshadow department for your blue eyes.

Gold and Bronze Shades

These eye shadow colors look amazing with blue eyes and they bring out your eyes. If you have a cool skin tone and are olive or dark skinned with blue eyes, gold and bronze should be used for eye shadow. If you are wearing a gold or copper outfit and have blue eyes, you can sport copper eye shadow. For a toned down look, matte eye shadow is the best but if want glamor, shimmery eye shadow is better. Continue reading