Makeup Tips for Hazel Eyes

makeup-tips-for-hazel-eyesIf you have hazel eyes then you know they can change color depending on your mood or even the clothes you are wearing. They are like natural mood rings. That is what is so great about hazel eyes. One thing though is that the eye color does not go well with the same pallets that blue eyes use. That is why we are gonna show you some makeup tips for hazel eyes.

Eye Shadow

When applying eye makeup to hazel eyes you want to go with autumn colors like golds, browns and chocolates. These shades of colors will brighten your eyes and make them pop. You can also add burgundy and other shades of purple to your eyeshadow pallet to contrast  your hazel eyes. If you want to spice up your eyes you can use bright greens and golds.

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How to Apply Gel Eyeliner

how to apply gel eyelinerThe first step is to get an angled eyeliner brush since it works the best for applying gel eyeliner to the lids. After you do this you would wet the brush slightly so that you will have an even application with the gel eyeliner. Once you complete this step you would place the brush in the eyeliner and take off the excess eyeliner before applying. The next step is to add the eyeliner to your upper lids and make a winged tip across the eyelids.

Test The Eyeliner Before Applying To Lids

Before you apply the eyeliner to your lids, you want to test it by putting a dab on the back of your hand and you should do this if you have a colored  gel eyeliner because this gives you an idea of how this color will look on your eyelids and to see if this color goes with your eye color. Continue reading

How to Apply Pencil Eyeliner

How to apply pencil eyelinerApplying pencil eyeliner can be an overwhelming task that requires balance and control but it can make you look younger and open up your eyes. Pencil eyeliner can be tricky because they tend to smear and smudge. If done right though it will make your eyes pop and will take your look to the next level. Below we will give you some tips to applying pencil eyeliner that will give your eyes that sexy look and what types of pencil eyeliner too look for. Continue reading

This Year’s Best Black Eyeliner

Are you looking for the best black eyeliner?  Do you want that smokey eye look or a severely thick and winged cat eye? Well you have come to the right place! Here are four great eyeliners for you to try if you are looking for that dark look. There are even a couple of eyeliners for you sensitive eye or contact wearers.  So let us take a look at this year’s best black eyeliners.

stillastila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner

This award winning eyeliner is easy to apply and stays on all day and night. stila has incorporated an easy-glide, quick-dry precision liner stays in place. You do not have to worry about smudges, running, or feathering.

There is a felt tip applicator that is really easy to apply. This eyeliner goes on smooth without pulling or skipping. This eyeliner is great for oily skin. Continue reading

Eyeliner for Sensitive Eyes

eyeliner for sensitive eyesUsing eyeliner with sensitive eyes can be an annoyance to deal with but there are eyeliners for sensitive eyes out there. Finding the right one can be a chore though because different people have different sensitivities and different allergies.

Find the right Eyeliner for your Sensitive Eyes

Its important to find the right kind of eyeliner that will not make your eyes irritable and watery. Look for brands that are hypoallergenic and also see how easily the eyeliner rolls on your hand before you purchase one. You do not want to be pressing to hard on your eye area to apply the eyeliner. If you use the liquid eyeliners look for eyeliners that have very soft brushes. Some brushes use fiber hairs which can irritate your eyes as well. Another tip is to try a different color. I know that red eyeliners can be more irritating than browns or greys. Continue reading