Best Lipstick for Fair Skin

best lipstick for fair skinDoes Red Lipstick Look Great for Fair Skin

If you are looking for the best lipstick for fair skin, you can wear red lipstick but there are certain types of red lipstick that would look better on you than others. The two main kinds of red are orange based reds and the blue based reds, and if you have fair skin you should go for the blue based red lipstick colors such as cherry and a traditional red. If you are blonde with fair skin, you can wear a rose colored lipstick since this does not overpower your skin and hair color. If you are a redhead with fair skin you should not go for blue based red lipstick since it will be too much for your hair color and fair skin but a orange based lipstick would work well for you.

Red With Touch of Purple

This is an excellent shade of red for those with fair skin because it adds a dramatic look to your overall wardrobe, especially if you are going out at night. If you are sporting a red lipstick that has hints of purple, you do not want to wear a violet blush on your face or purplish eyeshadow because this overpowers your lipstick. You can complement the lipstick with a light peach blush and a rose colored eyeshadow.

Orange on The Lips

Fair skinned women do not have to just stick to red lipstick because they can also sport a bold orange color in order to look like a diva when they step out. Orange lipstick looks especially great in the summer with multicolored tropical maxi dresses and green or white sandals. You can even wear glittery orange lipstick if you like.

Light Pink is one of the Best Lipstick for Fair Skin

Light pinks and peach colors add a flirtatious softness to your lips as a fair skinned person and it complements the rest of your makeup well. If you do not like traditional lipstick you can wear light pink lip gloss because these stay on the lips for a long time just like regular lip gloss does. Some good light pinks are Chanel Charme, MAC Snob, and Maybelline Born With It.

When you have fair skin you can get playful with your lipstick and choose from a variety of reds and pinks as long as they have cool undertones to them.