Best Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes

best eyeshadow for hazel eyes

Who said that finding the best eye shadow for hazel eyes had to be challenging? If anyone has ever told you this, then they’re simply not looking hard enough. Finding the best eye shadow for hazel eyes is an easy enough goal to achieve. It simply comes down to knowing what your options are.

And there are definitely a ton of appealing options out there to consider.

What is the Best Eye Shadow for Hazel Eyes?

Certain colors have a wonderful ability to bring out the brilliance of your hazel eyes. As you’re searching for the best eye shadow for hazel eyes, keep some of these possibilities in mind:

• Brown: Something along the lines of a milk chocolate shade can suggest warmth in your eyes. See how your hazel eyes look after adding a bronze powder. Some white liner along your lower lids can be interesting, too.
• Green: Remember that green is a component of hazel, so this is a color that’s great for bringing out the greenness of your eyes. British racing green is an excellent possibility to consider.
• Bronze: With bronze, you’re not only adding warm tones to your eyes, but you’re adding that quality to your entire face, as well.
• Burnt sienna: People love burnt sienna for its versatility. You can definitely take that thought and apply it to hazel eyes. Do your hazel eyes feature light brown flecks? Burnt sienna can really bring them to life.
• Carnelian: While there are some similarities between this shade and burnt sienna, there are more than enough differences that allow carnelian to stand on its own. With the various shades of carnelian that are available, it’s important to find something that’s going to work best with your unique eyes. Layering is usually a good thing to remember, as well.
• Cerulean: This shade is often associated with a deep blue vibe, but it can also reach for a sky blue quality, too. Hazel eyes can benefit from either.
• Cyan: This is another shade that can be combined with hazel eyes for a devastating combination, but this blue is more along the lines of aqua. You’re going to love the way this shade makes you look.

These are just a few possibilities to consider. Finding the best eye shadow for hazel eyes for yourself can mean a certain amount of experimentation. This in of itself can be a lot of fun. Use the above shades to help get you started on something ideal for you.