Best Curling Mascara

best curling mascaraIf you are looking for curled eyelashes but without having to use an eyelash curler, you should use the curling mascara, as it gives you the desired curl in your lashes quickly. The good mascara can even work well with Asian lashes which are naturally stubborn and can easily lose their curl after some time. That product helps stubborn Asian lashes to always stay volumized and curled long after being applied. If you are looking for the right product, you should consider one of the ones briefly described below.

Maybelline New York Washable Mascara

Some women consider this to be the best curling mascara because it makes the eyelashes to look so full and long when used properly. This product will make your friends to love your eyelashes, even believing that you have fake lashes put on because your lashes would just look amazing. To get the best from this mascara, you should root to tip and then allowed to dry for about 30 seconds. This mascara does not even clump up, and it comes off easily when you wash your face, or in the shower.


Though this curling mascara costs less than $10, it gives you the benefits worth hundreds of dollars because it gives your lashes extreme curl, holding them for as long as 8 hours. During that period, the lashes will be more noticeable, and it comes with a brush which is small enough to reach all of your lashes. Some women regard as the best curling mascara, while others wished it could add more volume.

Kevyn Aucoin Curling Mascara

This is the most expensive curling mascara of the three products, and it gives you value for your money through high-impact lashes. The mascara instantly creates sensual, dramatic lashes, gently curling, and defining and separating each lash for the picture-perfect look every woman desires. One problem with the product is that, according to some women, it has a brush which is too small. Thus, you need to do more applications if you want to have longer lashes.


Those are three of the best curling mascaras for today’s women, and they are generally affordable, with the most expensive being a few cents below $30. They make you look good for any special or informal event, lengthening your lashes while maintaining their natural look.