How to Apply Liquid Foundation

how to apply liquid foundationIf  you are looking to find out how to apply liquid foundation then you came to the right place. The first thing you want to do is wash your face with a cleanser and apply a moisturizer to your face. After fifteen minutes you can start applying the liquid foundation. It is also important that you choose a foundation that best matches your skin tone. If your skin has hints of beige or yellow, you would put on a light colored foundation. Always use your finger to rub the foundation on your face gently because using one finger helps you get an even look on the face. Once you apply the foundation put on some loose powder so that the foundation will not sweat off easily.

Exfoliate Before Putting On Foundation

If you have a buildup of dead skin on your face that makes your skin look crusty, you do not want to apply foundation until you exfoliate because exfoliation gets rid of the dead skin on your face and this makes your face look smooth as you apply the liquid foundation. You can make your own exfoliation recipe with sugar and essential oils or buy a scrub at the store.

Putting on Foundation When Your Skin is Dry

The first step is to put on a good moisturizer and then you would choose a liquid foundation that is designed for those with dry skin and that has built in vitamins and minerals that help in keeping the skin soft. When applying the moisturizer keep it on the face for twenty minutes before you put the liquid foundation on.

Primer Is Also Important

Before you put on the liquid foundation it is also a good idea to apply primer to the face because when you put on the primer you make your skin look smooth and it prepares the face for the liquid foundation.

Conclusion of How to Apply Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundation covers your imperfections well and when applied properly, it gives your face a flawless look. Everyone’s skin type is different so when you buy liquid foundation you should choose one that best matches your skin type to avoid bad reactions to it. Periodically you should touch up on your foundation and blot some powder on foundation so that it will stay on for hours. Do not put heavy loads of foundation on your face and do not put more foundation in one part of the face then the other. I hope you found this article helpful and learned how to apply liquid foundation.